SABO project is currently in the process of completing the gut renovation of a Brooklyn loft located in a former die casting factory built in 1913.
Under the 12’-0” ceiling, a new 7’-8” datum is defined by the height of a series of new partitions, custom cabinets, glass enclosures and a new mezzanine. The vertical combination of opacities and transparencies manages privacy while bringing natural light to every single space. The new connections between rooms establishes a continuum that expands each space beyond it’s limits.
The bathroom was designed around a diamond shaped ceramic tile that determines all dimensions including the apartment’s new datum. No less than 3 colors and 9 shades are combined in bold graphic patterns and gradients that wrap seamlessly around the walls and floor seemingly flooding the space.

Lieu: Brooklyn, New York
Catégorie: Logement
Maître d’ouvrage: Privé
Surface: 124 m²
Calendrier: Livré Juillet 2014